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Added by Steve Jeal on 26 August 2020

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The MV crew love a challenge.  So what better than restoration of a 70 year old Mark 1 Daimler Ferret light reconnaissance/liaison car that has been slowly deteriorating in the shrubbery?  

Weighing in at four tons, the 4WD Ferret in its prime could power along at 50mph. The type was in production from the late 1950s for about ten years. After parking it, the owner, a former Duxford Aviation Society member, was unable to work on it so kindly gave it to the DAS MV Wing. 


 It’s an interesting prospect. The light gauge external stowage bins are severely corroded, the brakes don’t work and are missing some components but the Ferret is essentially complete. She responded to some tinkering and her straight 6, 4260cc engine started up and ran very sweetly! The long job is now underway to sort all the mechanicals and bodywork out to bring her back to her former glory.  

 Watch this space for an eighteen-month restoration to full working order so that she can join our demonstration vehicles.  

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