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Queen Elizabeth II 1926-2022

Queen Elizabeth II 1926-2022 Duxford Aviation Society is deeply saddened to hear of the death of Her Majesty The Queen and would like to express condolences to all her family.  As a mark of respect, it has been decided by the Trustees and Executive Board of IWM to close IWM Duxford on the day of HM The Queen's state funeral, which will be announced by the Royal Family... more >

By Bob Wright, 9 September 2022

The famous five!

The famous five! Left to right: ZIL 131, Praga V3S, Bedford MJ 4X4, Scammel Explorer, AEC Militant. Spilt something nasty? Fire up the ZIL 131 - a 3.5 ton 6X6 decontamination tanker. All terrain challenge? The mighty Praga is a Czechoslovakian-built multi purpose vehicle reckoned to be one of the best off-road cargo vehicles of its time.  It’s just emerged from the... more >

By Steve Jeal, 20 August 2022

Project Praga

Restoration has begun in Bay 1 of a Praga V3S Truck originally captured in Egypt in 1956. Duxford Aviation Society Military Vehicles took ownership in 2002. The plan is to give the Praga a complete mechanical overhaul and restore the bodywork – either desert sand or Russian Green; we’re researching appropriate schemes.   The first task for the team is to break... more >

By Steve Jeal, 18 November 2020



If there is one vehicle that the public love to see roaring around the DAS running area, it is our mighty Marksman turreted, Chieftain hulled anti-aircraft gun tank. This huge machine weighs in at 55 tons and is powered by a massive six cylinder/12 piston, 750 BHP diesel engine. Marksman is a very special and rare vehicle. Ours is Chieftain-hull-based (can be Leopard,T55 and... more >

By Steve Jeal, 26 August 2020



The MV crew love a challenge.  So what better than restoration of a 70 year old Mark 1 Daimler Ferret light reconnaissance/liaison car that has been slowly deteriorating in the shrubbery?   Weighing in at four tons, the 4WD Ferret in its prime could power along at 50mph. The type was in production from the late 1950s for about ten years. After... more >

By Steve Jeal, 26 August 2020

MV restores Colchester barracks gate guardians

Rheinmetall gun

On 15 January 2 x 20mm German Rheinmetall anti aircraft guns arrived in the MV yard having being delivered by the Army.  This is a refurbishment project taken on for the Parachute regiment who are located at Colchester Barracks, Essex.  The guns are capable of firing 880-1,000 rounds per minute and have a dark history in that they were used against British forces aircraft... more >

By Mark Webster, 31 March 2019

Shining a light on the work of the MV team


Last May we were asked by the IWM if we would refurbish 3 of their 4 x 90cm diameter x WW2 searchlights.  Their plan being to use the Searchlights as part of the Battle of Britain display.  The brief that DAS were given was to dismantle (where possible), completely refurbish all components and then reassemble.  Once completed the IWM would fit the Searchlights with modern... more >

By Mark Webster, 28 March 2019

Mud in Your Eye!

T34 tank in the mud at Duxford

If you’re a military photographer, nothing much beats seeing a Russian T55 tank in the mud hole at Duxford against a perfect early evening sky of low sunshine and fluffy clouds. “How many miles to the gallon do you get in one of these things?” enquired your trusty reporter. “Miles to the gallon? Try gallons to the mile !”. Lots to learn then. And lots... more >

By Jem Shaw, 2 August 2018

Duxford Aviation Society at a Duxford Air Show

Fairey Swordfish displaying at Duxford Flying Legends

Many of us will have been to one of Duxford’s superb air shows, but how many have considered what goes on behind the scenes to prepare for such a great day’s enjoyment? Let's take a brief look at DAS involvement in one of these big events. Bear in mind that all this happens three times a year with two-day shows in May, July and September. Several months before... more >

By Keith Bradshaw, 2 August 2018

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