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Marksman – Back on Track Video

Click on image below to see the Marksman video.    more >

By Steve Jeal, 6 June 2021


Today saw the first IWM Duxford flying day of 2021, which gave us the perfect opportunity to put on our own show of Military Vehicles. Heavy rain overnight made for a rather muddy arena, challenging some of the vehicles on their first outting in over a year. Below is a selection of photos from the day. It was great to see the vehicles running and we will be back demonstrating... more >

By Carol Archer, 19 May 2021


FERRET STRIPPED AND PRIMED Work continues apace. Most of the hull has been stripped of its old paint and grey primer applied. The interior has been stripped, cleaned and primed. The brake master-cylinder sent away for refurbishment has returned and been fitted and the hydraulic system has been reassembled ready to carry out an assessment of the wheel drums. The external storage... more >

By Steve Jeal, 19 November 2020

MV restores Colchester barracks gate guardians

Rheinmetall gun

Two 20mm anti aircraft guns have arrived in the yard for refurbishment on behalf of the Parachute regiment, Essex.  The guns have a dark history as they were used by the Argentine Air Force against British forces during the Falkland's war.  After the war ended these  guns were shipped back to UK and used as 'Gate Guardians'.  DAS brief is to refurbish... more >

By Mark Webster, 31 March 2019

Shining a light on the work of the MV team


Three impressively big lights arrived in the MV Wing workshop for restoration on behalf of IWM Duxford Measuring 90cms in diameter IWM plan to use these searchlights as part of a new Battle of Britain display. The brief was to dismantle as far as possible, refurbish all the components, paint and reassemble. Once completed the searchlights will be fitted with modern LED lighting.... more >

By Mark Webster, 28 March 2019

Nellie steps into the breach

AEC Militant

A wet Sunday saw the dedicated DAS crew shifting the Trident into the Conservation Hall for repainting. On the day, the tug wasn’t happy so Nellie stepped in like the old soldier she is, and did a great job. Nellie is a 20 ton GVW post-war military AEC truck of a type introduced in May 1951, available as 6x4 and 6x6 variants. It has a 6-cylinder overhead valve diesel engine... more >

By Mark Webster, 15 February 2019

Changing Track

Changing a track on a 432 APC

Losing a track on the battlefield is rarely good news. The hard shoulder on the M25 might be a dodgy place to change a flat tyre, but at least it's unlikely that anyone will be shooting at you. We were reminded of this when we recently needed to change a track on the 432 Armoured Personnel Carrier. It's a case of everybody out, and then a lot of sweating and swearing as you... more >

By Jem Shaw, 25 July 2018

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