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Chieftain Mk 5 (FV4201)


Originally designed as the replacement for the Centurion and the Conqueror. Due to protracted development problems, mainly around the engine, transmission and suspension, the first Chieftain entered service with the British Army in 1967 and 900 were eventually supplied plus another 450 for export to Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait and Oman. The turret and front hull were cast to give a well-sloped and rounded profile. The main armament used combustible charges, not the normal brass cartridge case. The main gun is fitted with a thermal sleeve.
Crew - Commander, driver, gunner, loader.
Variants Marks range from 1 to 12, ARV (Armoured Recovery Vehicle), Bridgelayer and AVRE (Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers).


Datafile: Chieftain Mk 5 (FV4201)

Owner:Military Vehicle Wing
Purpose:Main battle tank
Armament:1 x 120mm L11A5 series rifled gun with 64 rounds of ammunition
Powerplant:Leyland L60 No4 MK8A 2- stroke compression ignition
Width:3.8 metres (12 ft 6in)
Length:7.6 metres (25 ft 0in)
Height:3.2 metres (10 ft 6in)
Empty weight:54,885 Kg (54.9 tonnes, 121,000 lb)
Maximum speed:48 km/h (30 mph)
Range:499 km (310 miles)
Bristol Beaufighter MkVI


Churchill MkVI


Airtours International  B757 Operations Manuals



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