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GMC CCKW 2 1/2 ton 6 x 6 Truck

The original Deuce and a Half also affectionately known as 'The Jimmy'.

Built for the US Army between 1941 and 1945 there were many variants with 518,000 of the variant shown produced. It formed the backbone of the Red Bull Express that kept US forces supplied after the D Day breakout in 1944

Datafile: GMC CCKW

Owner:Military Vehicle Wing
Purpose:Supply Truck
Powerplant:GMC 270 Straight 6
Width:2.2 metres (7 ft 4in)
Length:6.9 metres (22 ft 6in)
Height:2.8 metres (9 ft 1in)
Empty weight:3,992 Kg (4.0 tonnes, 8,800 lb)
Maximum speed:72 km/h (45 mph)
Range:483 km (300 miles)
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P-51D Mustang



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