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Marconi Marksman


The name Marksman refers to the turreted anti-aircraft system developed by Marconi Land and Naval Systems (now part of BAE Systems) designed to be fitted on a wide range of chassis.

This example uses a Chieftain tank chassis built by Marconi for demonstration to the British Army. The contract was not taken up.

The engine is a Leyland L60 No.4 Mk8A 2-stroke compression ignition, 6-cyl (12 vertically opposed pistons), multifuel, developing 750 bhp at 2,250 rpm. The transmission is a TN12, 6 forward, 2 reverse + emergency selector for second gear forward and low reverse.

The 2 x 35 mm Oerlikon KDA cannons, fire computer-controlled bursts of standard or FAPDS (Frangible Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot) anti-aircraft ammunition. They will destroy aircraft at 4km range in less than 8 seconds from detection. Rate of fire is 550 rounds per gun (a total of 18 rounds per second into the target). System reaction time less than 5 seconds.

Radar range is 12km (surveillance), 10km (tracking). Transmitter frequency TWT, I/J band. Receiver monopulse MTI and digital signal processing.

The Marksman has win gyro stabilised sights. A laser rangefinder is integrated into the gunner’s sight.

The Marksman system went into service with only one country, Finland, who ordered seven in 1990 and mounted them on Russian T55 chassis.

The vehicle shown, the only one of its kind, is owned and run by Duxford Aviation Society Military Vehicle Wing.  During August 2019 it was brought into the workshop for essential maintenance, some restoration work and a repaint.  It re-emerged in its new livery of NATO Green Matt overlaid with a Sand Camouflage on 10 October 2020.

Datafile: Marconi Marksman

Owner:Military Vehicle Wing
Purpose:Anti-aircraft tank
Armament:2 x 35 mm Oerlikon KDA cannon
Powerplant:Leyland L60 No.4 Mk8A
Width:3.5 metres (11 ft 5in)
Length:10.7 metres (35 ft 0in)
Height:7.5 metres (24 ft 8in)
Empty weight:45,359 Kg (45.4 tonnes, 100,000 lb)
Maximum speed:42 km/h (26 mph)
Range:547 km (340 miles)
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