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Russian T-34 Tank


First produced in 1941 as the T34/76 and then the up-gunned version T34/85, from the autumn of 1943 the T34 was the most decisive tank of the Second World War. Over 11,000 were produced by the end of the war and some 50,000 in total. After the war it saw action in Korea. Czech versions were exported widely to many countries in the Soviet sphere of influence. The T34 has seen combat in the Arab-Israeli wars, many African conflicts and more recently in the Balkan Wars. Some are still in service today.

The version shown is the up-gunned  T34/85. This version was manufactured in Poland and adapted for wading operations and is owned by DAS Military Vehicle Wing.

Datafile: Russian T-34 Tank

Owner:Military Vehicle Wing
Purpose:Main Battle Tank
Armament:1x 85 mm ZIS-S53 or D-5T gun +55 rounds, 2 x 7.63 machine guns
Powerplant:V-2-34MV-12 diesel 500bhp at 1800rpm
Width:3.0 metres (10 ft 0in)
Length:6.1 metres (20 ft 0in)
Height:2.7 metres (9 ft 0in)
Empty weight:31,933 Kg (31.9 tonnes, 70,400 lb)
Maximum speed:50 km/h (31 mph)
Range:306 km (190 miles)
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