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Military Vehicle Update March 23


Whats happening at MVW

Added by Chrissie Eaves-Walton on 18 April 2023

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A full crew were in a Sunday mid-month when we assessed how winter projects were developing.

The Bedford MJ lorry was in for some TLC. This truck sits outside  and it’s a battle to keep corrosion at bay.

The giant Viper mine-clearance trailer is now back on its rubber wheels and track


A Russian D30 artillery piece has been moved from the front of the Land Warfare Hall for renovation.

The T34 has  been stripped down and is now being reassemb;ed and repainted

Preparations are beginning for the coming season with ground handling training about to get underway. Two ‘garages ‘ were staked out on the running area using tyres so that the controller on the ground can practice guiding the tank operator into the correct parking spot. Good job the ‘garages’ don’t have walls.

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