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Mud in Your Eye!


A unique photoshoot opportunity

Added by Jem Shaw on 02 August 2018

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If you’re a military photographer, nothing much beats seeing a Russian T55 tank in the mud hole at Duxford against a perfect early evening sky of low sunshine and fluffy clouds. “How many miles to the gallon do you get in one of these things?” enquired your trusty reporter. “Miles to the gallon? Try gallons to the mile !”. Lots to learn then. And lots of excitement too as the Marksman picked up speed and raced round the track throwing up mud in all directions. Then a black and white camouflaged personnel carrier (Hagglunds BV206)  started up and wended its way through the hilly track like a sinuous caterpillar. In fact, this vehicle was a versatile mover of men and equipment and could cope with all kinds of challenging terrain. I’m advised it drives like a bendy bus.