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MV restores Colchester barracks gate guardians


Military Vehicle Wing restoring Falklands era anti aircraft guns on behalf of the Parachute Regiment

Added by Mark Webster on 31 March 2019

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On 15 January 2 x 20mm German Rheinmetall anti aircraft guns arrived in the MV yard having being delivered by the Army.  This is a refurbishment project taken on for the Parachute regiment who are located at Colchester Barracks, Essex. 

The guns are capable of firing 880-1,000 rounds per minute and have a dark history in that they were used against British forces aircraft during the Falkland's war.  In fact these guns are 2 from a total of 15  used by the Argentine Air Force and subsequently captured in the Falklands Conflict by the British Army. After the war ended in 1982 these 2 guns were shipped back to Colchester and are being used as 'Gate Guardians'.  The DAS brief is to refurbish them so they can continue in this function. One of the guns has been moved into the workshop and has been stripped down and is now being painted.  The other is in the yard but has not been started on yet. The guns are formally decommissioned so unfortunately we are unable to test them on completion!  Delivery back to the Para's is due around Spring time this year.