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The famous five!


Added by Steve Jeal on 20 August 2022

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The famous five!

Left to right: ZIL 131, Praga V3S, Bedford MJ 4X4, Scammel Explorer, AEC Militant.

Spilt something nasty? Fire up the ZIL 131 - a 3.5 ton 6X6 decontamination tanker.

All terrain challenge? The mighty Praga is a Czechoslovakian-built multi purpose vehicle reckoned to be one of the best off-road cargo vehicles of its time.  It’s just emerged from the workshop after a rebuild, good as new!

The Bedford MJ4 was the British Army’s workhorse for over three decades. In 1981 the MK was fitted with a turbo-booster and became the MJ. This is the one to go for if you’re shifting a lot of cargo

Stuck in a ditch? The Scammel Explorer is a 6x6 recovery vehicle that can tow a tank

And last but not least -

Nellie, the AEC Militant can pull the VC10 into position for filming when the tug breaks down. She’s also handy for lifting engine packs out of tanks.

How would we manage without them?

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