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T34 Progress


Added by Chrissie Eaves-Walton on 18 April 2023

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Nothing stays still for long in the MV Workshop and progress on the Russian T-34 has gathered speed.

Since our last report, the upper hull sides of the T-34 have been painted with the base coat of the ubiquitous Deep Bronze Green. Preparation of the centre deck section continues, with welding of a broken hinge, extraction of sheared bolts and other repairs.

The interior of the back armour plate has been painted with a suitable shade of grey to match the internal colour scheme of the engine and transmission compartments.

Last week, this back plate, weighing just short of a ton, was lowered into place and its exterior prepped and primed. Yesterday the many large bolts which hold it in place were fitted, tightened and their heads primed, ready for further paint.

We all look forward to seeing this in action later this year.

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