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MV restores Colchester barracks gate guardians

Rheinmetall gun

Taking aim for the Paras

Military Vehicle Wing restoring Falklands era anti aircraft guns on behalf of the Parachute Regiment

On 15 January 2 x 20mm German Rheinmetall anti aircraft guns arrived in the MV yard having being delivered by the Army.  This is a refurbishment project taken on for the Parachute regiment who are located at Colchester Barracks, Essex.  The guns are capable of firing 880-1,000 rounds per minute and have a dark history in that they were used against British forces aircraft during the Falkland's war.  In fact these guns are 2 from a total of 15  used by...

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Shining a light on the work of the MV team


Searchlight restoration

Military Vehicle Wing restoring WWII searchlights on behalf of the IWM

Last May we were asked by the IWM if we would refurbish 3 of their 4 x 90cm diameter x WW2 searchlights.  Their plan being to use the Searchlights as part of the Battle of Britain display.  The brief that DAS were given was to dismantle (where possible), completely refurbish all components and then reassemble.  Once completed the IWM would fit the Searchlights with modern LED lighting.  Clearly even if we did have all the internal parts 800,000,000 candela Carbon...

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Taking aim for the Paras
Rheinmetall gun

Two 20mm anti aircraft guns have arrived in the yard for refurbishment on behalf of the Parachute regiment,...

Searchlight restoration

Three impressively big lights arrived in the MV Wing workshop for restoration on behalf of IWM Duxford Measuring...

Nellie steps up
AEC Militant

A wet Sunday saw the dedicated DAS crew shifting the Trident into the Conservation Hall for repainting. On...

Changing Track
Changing a track on a 432 APC

Losing a track on the battlefield is rarely good news. The hard shoulder on the M25 might be a dodgy place...


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